Trip 4th ESO

When arriving to 4th ESOstudents finish an important school stage in their lives and a more or less long stay in our school. Some have made our way with us since P3 and others have joined us throughout the primary or ESO.

As dismissal of the class group and the school, the final year trip is carried out. Four-day trip, by plane, in a three star hotel, with all the expenses included, to a place of beach chosen by them, within Spain.

So that the economic issue is not a reason for not being able to go there, throughout the school year, the students, along with the tutor, carry out some activities to obtain money: raffle of a ham for Christmas; raffle a tablet in spring; sale of natural roses for Sant Jordi; or any activity that may arise, proposed by the AMPA, the school or the students themselves. In addition to getting money, they learn to work in teams, value the effort to achieve what they want, to share, to organize themselves, to be aware of the individual responsibility before the group, to strengthen social skills and consolidate the basic competencies of the money raised, 0.07% are earmarked for the Azacualpilla project.