Traits of identity

The Marillac School is a centre that bases its educational action on the experience of Vicenç de Paül and Lluïsa de Marillac, based on personalized attention to the student, in accordance with their needs. It conceives learning as a process resulting from effort and research, where the student becomes the centre.

On the other hand, knowledge is understood as the basis of learning: knowing and doing is combined so that the student grows integrally.

Beyond knowledge and educational practices, the Marillac School is strongly committed to the support of people, convinced that the solidity of well-internalized values guarantees a fairer and more committed society. The values that work in the Marillac School are based on the human and Christian view of the world, such as peace, the defense of human rights and respect for the environment, while deepening in the knowledge of oneself and in positive personal relationships.

The final objective is for the student to grow up asking important questions and to build his life project.