Synthesis work (ESO)

Synthesis work is a set of team-based teaching and learning activities in order to develop complex competences and verify if it has been achieved and to what extent; students are able to apply the basic competences worked on different subjects to solve questions and problems related to daily life. It integrates contents of all the curricular subjects and admits different temporary concretions. It is done in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of ESO.

In our school, synthesis work is carried out during the last week of the academic year and is carried out outside the school. Every year, a different place in Catalonia is chosen as a framework of the stay that lasts for three days. Our option to do it outside the school environment is because we believe that, apart from developing the curricular competences established by the Department of Education, synthesis work is a good opportunity to do different tasks outside the context school and is also a meeting point and coexistence between students and teachers.