Secondary Education (ESO)

ESO comprises the stage of 12 to 16 years. This stage coincides with major physical and psychological changes caused by adolescence itself. During the four years that it occupies, young people must achieve a series of competences defined by the curriculum as basic, which must allow them to respond to everyday situations in their environment and the new contexts of the 21st century world, while at the same time they must consolidate and acquire new knowledge that will open the doors of their future.

At Marillac School we are committed to a renewal of this educational stage based on practical and vivid aspects and where the student becomes the centre of learning. The curricular subjects are distributed in hours inspired by the Finnish model and work combining theoretical classes, workshops and projects. This way, knowledge is given, work is consolidated individually or in groups, enhancing the competence of learning to learn, emotional intelligence, the use of ICT and collaborative work.

In order to achieve educational excellence we have experienced teachers who live vocational education and are continuously educated. We have designed more gentle spaces to facilitate learning (classrooms, workshops, project rooms, laboratories, multipurpose spaces). We have introduced pedagogical methodologies (flipped classroom, gamification, learning by doing, ABP...) that respond to a way of doing innovative. We are committed to the use of ICT in the everyday life of the classroom and as a tool for relationships with families; We encourage artistic creation, experimental work and scientific dissemination. And do not forget the interiority, so we include in our educational project moments for reflection and personal growth.