Research project

The Research Project is a work that must be done in groups, "throughout the school year" of 4th of ESO and that is worth 10% of the final mark of the academic year. The work must be the result of research on a transversal theme of the curriculum or a specific field and in which students must demonstrate the degree of autonomy and their ability to work in groups.

In our school the Research Project is carried out during the two weeks after the December bank holiday. The work, supervised by a teacher, who acts as a tutor, is carried out entirely at the school. The project consists of two parts: a monographic written work and an oral presentation, with multimedia support, and must be defended before a jury.

Each year, the teachers of the secondary school team propose different topics and the students choose the one that is most attractive to them. In this way, and depending on common interests, work teams of three or four people are formed. The variety of proposals allows to obtain a wide range of works, both scientifically, sociologically, mathematically, historically or linguistically, among others. On the other hand, the close monitoring process of the teachers guarantees the quality of the work.