Primary Education

Primary education at school is a continuation of the Infant Education stage. One of the main goals of this stage (6-12 years) is to continue with the autonomy given during the Infant Education and guide them to achieve all the competences, forming self-taught students and entrepreneurs to carry out various projects.

We consider the dialogue with each of our children very important. For this reason, there are different assembly spaces with the reference group. In order to ensure good support, children can ask for an individual tutoring with the tutor.

Our way of seeing the learning is global, where the student is the protagonist. So, little by little, we create spaces where they can experience learning from their own experience. We use materials available to them, both to reaffirm learning and to extend them.

Day to day at school is structured in different areas. Some of them are organized in the form of splits for heterogeneous groups in order to be able to better help and support all students. Others are carried out through cooperative work, flexible groupings and experimentation workshops.

The courses of 1st, 2nd and 3rd are called Mitjans and they carry out various activities during the course of the academic year together. We consider that in the 6-9 band they can share material and experiences to grow and learn globally. Every first Monday of the month, during the morning, they perform the Intercycles Workshops, workshops carried out by the teachers where activities such as cooking workshops, relaxation, plastic arts, etc. are carried out. Creating different workshops can be known and grown in activities that are not carried out in the usual way in the classroom. In addition, they do it with students from other courses. During the week there are three spaces for Free Circulation, a time where you can choose a type of activities within a curricular area (Catalan, Mathematics and Language Games). These are multilevel proposals so that each student chooses what they want to do. The teachers act as guides and, little by little, we help them create their own learning.

The students of 4th, 5th and 6th are called Grans. In this strip of 10-12 they also share Intercycle activities. On the first Tuesday of the month, during the afternoon, they are organized in different groups where students of the three courses are found. At the beginning of the course there are some proposals for workshops that come out of themselves and each one chooses four, so that they progressively define their interests. During the second round of workshops, they can repeat the ones they liked most. Teachers change the different activities. This year, the baked kitchen workshop, yoga, origami, theatre and home-made experiments are the workshops they have chosen. During the week they also have three spaces for Free Circulation, a time when they can choose a type of activities within a curricular area (Catalan, Mathematics and Language Games). There are also multilevel proposals so that each one is organized in those spots that will help them to strengthen their knowledge of each area.

All the students participate in different projects. The advantage of being a one-line school is the great flexibility we have when it comes to sharing material and knowledge with students from different classrooms. Each year, 1st and 6th, they participate in the Science Congress of Barcelona. Together and throughout the course, they are developing activities and learning by sharing space, experiences and a lot of other things.

We are also involved in the Green and Sustainable School project and also in the Impulse to Reading project, encouraging daily reading inside and outside the school.

Throughout the academic year we carry out different outings, always framed in the competences that we work or the ones chosen by the students. Each course has assigned a museum of our city, with the aim of promoting the culture in the students. At the beginning of the academic year we make the Convivències and at the end, the Colònies.

The union between family and school is very important for us. Therefore, the school is always open to the parents or any members can come and participate in different activities proposed by us or by themselves. There are celebrations where families are the protagonists and are invited to participate in all the celebrations that we carry out at school.

All primary school teachers are in constant renewal and training to attend as well as we can our children and turn them into self-taught students and entrepreneurs we want.