Logic Mat

The important thing about studying mathematics is the intellectual activity of the student. The characteristics of this intellectual activity, as Piaget describes, are similar to those of mathematicians in their creative activity: thinking is based on a problem, raises hypotheses, operates rectifications, transfers, generalizations, breaks, constructs concepts and through these concepts to build the own intellectual structures.

The Logic Mat project is based on this mathematical logic that gives us a method and principles to distinguish the correct reasoning from the incorrect.

The project has been implemented during the 2018-2019 academic year and is intended for all students in the school, from p3 to 4th of ESO. The main objectives are:

  •  Improve the reasoning and intellectual activity of the student.
  •  Develop critical thinking.
  •  Make use of the rules and techniques that determine whether a reasoning is valid or not.
  •  Encourage curiosity and motivation.
  •  Apply mathematical logic to other subjects.