The kindergarten comprises the stage of 0 to 3 years. At this stage, children begin to discover and interact with the world around them. The purpose of this educational stage is to facilitate the integral development of boys and girls, offering a whole series of opportunities to maximize their abilities. So, at home, we work on aspects such as experimentation, discovery of the environment, adaptation, the treasure chest, sociability, heuristic game, free play, autonomy, physical abilities, emotions, habits of hygiene, food and sleep, among others.

At school, we consider it essential for the child to learn and internalize knowledge based on one's own experience. We let them manipulate, experiment and interact with the material and the environment. The game at this stage is fundamental because children research and understand everything that will serve them in the future to understand how things work, how they are and how othersare.

Multiple intelligences are essential and we work from psychomotor sessions, musicals, artistic and experimental education. In these sessions each child strengthens his skills significantly. We want to make the child competent, therefore, we make it the centre of attention, where the educator guides the activity. Through this work, autonomy and trust are enhanced.

The team of home educators is a group of people who are passionate about their work, they love working with children. They work day by day to achieve a climate of confidence and that children feel satisfied with their needs.

The daily contact of families with educators is a very important feature and we believe that their participation in the home life is basic. Throughout the academic year, we carry out reports and interviews with families so that we can go hand in hand with the education of the youngest.

The school facilitates the passage to the next stage, familiarizing the children with the spaces, the teachers, the classmates and the methodologies of the school.