Keep Calm & Love

The "Keep Calm & Love" project implements in the Escola Marillac other previous proposals related to personal growth, self-knowledge, full conscience and prayer in all its aspects (thanks, petition, silence, praise, contemplation, etc.).

The project does not forget that the school works from the empowerment of multiple intelligences so that students become competent citizens, and spirituality here has a relevant place. It is for this reason that it proposes several ways of growing in the interior: from the word, from the aesthetics, from the movement, from the contemplation of nature, from silence, from music and from social commitment. Each student will find in one of these ways the way to grow their interiority.

As an added value, the practice of the "Keep Calm" project incorporates expressions in English and also some practice of relaxation in this language, which also implements the multilingual school project that for some years the Marillac School has been promoting.

The project is based on Christian spirituality, although it incorporates mindfulness techniques. In this regard, it is intended that all kinds of students find themselves comfortable, without ever denying the Christian identity of the school.

On the other hand, as an institution, it is the function of the Vicencianaschool to enhance the internal dimension of students so that they become a tool in their lives in the transformation process of the world. There is, then, an aspect of explicit social commitment, the result of the modeling of SantVicenç de Paül and Santa Lluïsa de Marillac.