Inclusive school

All of us who are part of the Marillac School know the meaning of being inclusive. We have been working for all the students entering our school to grow and evolve within their capacities. We want to promote quality education where there is equal opportunities, either for those students who need support for educational tasks, for those who need more space to work or those who need a higher rate of work. For all of them, the school moves.

Based on the Diversity Assistance Commission (CAD), we are looking to find the most suitable resources for each student, at any time. We analyze the resources that we have and what we need to add to be able to support the students, either through group or individual sessions with the teacher of Special Education, as well as the support of guardians within the school.

Monthly, we carry out coordination with the Pedagogical Advice Team (EAP) in order to be able to inform about the different cases. We work with the different areas, as well as with the psychology service of the Children's Hospital.

We believe that the main focus for a good education is to work family-school, in conjunction with external services, if the student needs it, in order to be able to achieve success. For this reason, the dialogue between the family, teachers and external psychological teams is so important. Thanks to all of us, we make this whole project work, getting students happy and enjoying meaningful learning.

We are an inclusive school, an educational community where everyone counts.