Green school

Since 2001, the City Council of Barcelona encourages schools to make Sustainable Schools following a project of education, participation and civic engagement. This program began to be called Agenda 21 Escolar, a program designed to facilitate the involvement of educational centres in the ambitious planetary project of imagining and building a better and more sustainable world, beginning with intervention in the immediate environment.

Marillac+Sustainable is the name of the work committee formed by the entire educational community of the school, which is responsible for organizing and promoting different sustainable actions. Our motto is "Small gestures, great results".

And what are our little gestures? Here is a compilation:

  • At Marillac School we have an ecological garden. The work in the garden is the best way to offer our students an environmental education, based on the care, respect and defence of nature.
  • We participate in the School Fruit Consumption Plan. An initiative of the European Union that is effective for a coordinated action of the Departments of Agriculture, Health and Education, and that consists in the distribution of free fruit and fresh, seasonal and proximity vegetables, once a month for all our children and primary school students.
  • Once a year, we visit the Green School Green Point, to facilitate the collection of waste, which for its composition should not be thrown into the usual street containers (aerosols, small electrical appliances, batteries and batteries, clothes and shoes, cables, x-rays, cell phones, toners and ink cartridges, nespresso coffee loads, spent school supplies or old ...). This service is offered by the Barcelona City Council.
  • We give a second life to the paper thanks to the Cuida'm and pasa'm project. In each classroom we have a tray where we reuse excess photocopies, or those sheets that we have only used for one side.
  • All the classrooms have a selective waste collection bin. These are vacuumed weekly in the hall container. And twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, Barcelona City Council collects them thanks to the Pick-up door-to-door program.
  •  In the Technology Room we have a container for the selective collection of all the batteries we use at school.
  •  In the school playground we have selective collection bins of containers.