Families are a key piece for us on a daily basis. For this reason, we understand that in the education of the children there must be an accompaniment that follows the same line between parents and school. That is why, at the Marillac School, we have a commission in which some teachers meet regularly to prepare different activities to do with our families, both in class time and extra-curricular. We believe it is essential to cultivate the relationship with the school outside the classroom in classrooms.

We are a school open to the neighbourhood and families and having a line per course makes the relationship between parents and teachers closer, this way we can enjoy some links that enrich our way of doing.

A few years ago we made a couple of meetings during the academic year, at weekends, to have some contact with our children accompanied by their families. In these, the entire board of teachers is involved, carrying out workshops, activities and even sports such as gymkhana. Let's take advantage of all these great little moments to strengthen the emotional bond between all of us who are part of the Marillac School. For us each student has their history inside the centre and we work every day so that each one feels special and accompanied. In the same way, we find it necessary to share these feelings and experiences with your family. After all, the education of children is a common project between parents and teachers.

Also every term we offer stages in a meeting where we discuss doubts, experiences or situations that happen daily at home. Among the teachers who take the workshops and the opinions or ways of doing the families involved, we help you understand or advise how we can act at certain moments in the lives of your children. These meetings are the FEAC sessions (Family school, shared action).

On the other hand, we have the Fem Escola project. The purpose of this is to open the families of our kindergartens and to be able to live in first person the way we work in the centre. For this reason, we carry out different activities that we do during a normal day of school. In these sessions we invite parents of children of P2 and P3. We learn by playing, we do activities, listen to a story or we develop certain capacities and to finish, we do it all together.

Finally, it is important to mention that we have a close relationship with the school's AMPA and that we work together in some popular outings and festivities of the city. The Santa Eulàlia party and the meeting of Gegantons are some examples.

We hope you visit us and surely you will feel at home!