Extra curricular

We are pleased to publish the offer of extracurricular activities for the 2018-2019 academic year on the website of the Marillac School.

On the general information page you will find dates of interest, the regulations for affiliations and withdrawals, and payment periods for fees and enrolment.

The proposal of activities is organized by typologies: services, English school, musical activities, academic reinforcement, sports activities, services activities and parenting activities. In total, the offer this year encompasses more than twenty activities that throughout the course we hope to give life to spaces and corners of the school beyond school hours.

In order to formalize the enrolment you must complete the registration form and bring it to the school secretary during the general enrolment period and enrolment that begins on Monday, the 17th of September. The enrolment form and registration can be downloaded from the web page or requested at the school reception.

Remember that the school reserves the right to cancel an activity if there is not a minimum number of enrolments.

With regard to swimming activity, the enrolment period for families that reserved their spot in June begins on September 17 and ends on September 21, by strict order of arrival of the application. In the case of having places, families on the waiting list can register on September 25 and 26, also following the strict order of arrival of the application.

The toy library service begins on September 12 and the morning and afternoon lunch on service, on September 13. The rest of the extracurricular activities are scheduled to begin on October 1. The last week of Septemberthe final calendar and the cancellation of any activitywill be published in the cork of extracurricular activities of the hall and in Educamos, if applicable.

We just remind you that we are open to any proposal that can be carried out and that you have a minimum track of participants. We hope you enjoy the proposed activities and wish you a good academic year.

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