Cultural Tours and Visits

At Marillac School we believe that the outings are very important to the environment and that is why throughout the academic year we complete trips that complement the academic curriculum and can help our students to settle all previous knowledge worked in the classrooms .

The departures are based on the educational stage in which children are found, since there are some needs and knowledge to work in each stage. It is very important that the outputs have a sense and a coherence with what works in classrooms, which is why the team of teachers carefully looks at what visits to take during the academic year to achieve this goal. Trips are very significant for each student and that is why, we must work in an interdisciplinary way and bring together the entire school environment based on the trip that will be made. For this reason, in the classrooms, the outputs are taken into account, as well as the contents, procedures and objectives to be achieved by our students. We visit museums, parks, companies, we work on a specific topic in a natural environment, etc. Since we live in a city, having nature at hand is not too common, we believe open and natural spaces are fundamental destinations for students. In addition to all this, there is the emotional part that we work in the school that, in the trips can work in a different way. The students are in an unusual space and have to live together and apply a way to do that we have previously been working in the school throughout the academic year.