Colonies and Coexistence

A fascinating moment for our students is the time when we leave for colonies. During the academic year, activities are being prepared and talks are made about the colonies, the house where we will go, the activities we will do. Boys and girls are nervous and excited to find out what companions they will be sleeping with or what adventures they will experience.

The whole school leaves, from P3 to 4th of ESO. On the one hand, from P3 to 6th of primary school we go to a relatively close place in Barcelona and we do activities around a theme where children learn a lot, but the most important thing is that they learn autonomy, know-how and a way to relate them, adapt to each other and the environment different from what they have during school day to day while maintaining the values that we transmit in school. Our stay is two nights and three days at the end of the academic year.

On the same dates, students from 1st to 3rd of ESO do the Synthesis Work and the 4th ESO progress trip at the end of the academic year.

We make the "Convis Marillac" the first month of school. Every year, at the beginning of October, students of Primary and ESO go for one night. They are areas of knowledge between the tutor and colleagues, where from an axis we work the outstanding value in that course.