Childhood education

In the Childhood Education stage, children 3, 4 and 5 years must achieve habits, autonomy, knowledge and a way to motivate them and encourage them to discover, experiment and investigate in the different spaces of the school, developing capacities through the different multiple intelligences and in accordance with the seven principles of learning.

At Marillac School we have different spaces so that children can observe, play, learn and work globally to begin to develop all the necessary skills in life.

Self-learning is essential according to our way of doing since the child must be motivated and must learn to do it. Therefore, we put different environments and workshops at your disposal so that you can learn autonomously in each situation. There are times when children decide for themselves what they want to work on. These are the times that we call free movement. At other times they have to do some directed workshops. It goes without saying that during the moments of free circulation, children of different ages and stages share spaces and discoveries. The help between each other produces a great cooperative work that enriches them very much on a personal level. It's nice to see how the big ones help the little ones and how the little ones explain theories to the grown-ups!

Depending on the age of the children, they have a reference classroom in which the dialogue, assembly, daily habits and the feeling of belonging to a group work very much. In this space is where directed workshops are carried out that will develop other capacities.

Let's educate children for a future, a future in which they are responsible, who know how to reason, with critical thinking, autonomous, free, curious, competent and happy.

We put at our disposal different spaces (to perform sensory activities, oral expression, artistic, constructions), as well as a classroom only to carry out the symbolic game, the gym for psychomotor activity, the garden, the sand and the multipurpose room. They also learn aspects related to music (dances, auditions, rhythms ...), internalize the importance of reading through the Reading Impulse Plan project, develop skills of fine motor skills and practical life with influential Montessori activities. Let's not forget English. We do two hours a week of arts and crafts (bilingual Catalan and English), one hour of music (in which part of the session is in English), and for two more hours a week, it is spoken in this language, through stories and other manipulative activities. Emotional education is also taken into account in a day to day basis, both with the Emotion Workshop session and the Keep Calm and Love school project. The use of ICT is available to children as we have digitized classrooms and a computer space. All in all, it allows us to affirm that the children, at the end of the Infant Education stage, will have achieved all the objectives established in the Curriculum of the Second Cycle of Infant Education of the Department of Education.

Everyone who works at school is tied to the closest environment as well as outings and coexistence. Also, the traditions we celebrate: chestnut, Christmas, carnival, Saint George's Day, anniversaries ... we relate them to the pedagogical proposals we offer. In addition, children in school internalize a feeling that a more sustainable world is possible because they live on a day-to-day basis with the "Green School" project.

For us, the participation of families on a day to day basis in school is very important since parents as teachers have to go in the same direction for the education of the youngest. We are an open school and we give the option to mothers, parents, grandparents, and other relatives have the opportunity to enter the classrooms, either daily at the entrances and exits, the workshop of my family, as well as in a directed workshop. In the festivities and traditions mentioned above, we also invite families to share these moments with us.

At midday, the monitors team that takes charge of the children from 12.45 a.m. to 2.45 p.m., works in the same line as the rest of the centre’s staff doing at noon, a moment of recreation and a pleasant rest for all that they enjoy it.

The team of teachers is constantly training to offer our students the best way to learn and achieve a quality education to be prepared for all the situations that are presented to them throughout their lives.