About us

Marillac is a school of the Vicenciana School Foundation (FEV), which brings together a group of 14 educational centres.

We teach Reception, Primary and Secondary Education and we are characterised by being a family school, close and very careful with personalized accompaniment.

Our educational practice is inspired by the thought of Vicenç de Paül and Lluïsa de Marillac, who, at the time, already sensed the need to give educational opportunities to everyone. We are, therefore, an inclusive school.

On the other hand, we are committed to educational quality, not only from the point of view of the pure academic performance, but also from the fact that our students grow happy and interested in learning. Cooperative work, the pleasure of reading, experimenting with and using technologies, among others, are tools that help us make everything a reality.

The cloister of the Marillac School accompanies the students and, in accordance with their evolutionary moment, helps them solve situations of everyday life based on their own resources, thus encouraging the autonomy of the child or adolescent.

Finally, we can say that we carry out our work from a high degree of academic qualification of professionals, but also from the simplicity, value that brings us closer, equalizes and promotes positive and effective personal relationships.

In short, we are a committed cloister in the education of a person who, doing what he does in life, will have to make decisions and act in accordance with a solid life project and solid values, always contributing something to society and doing good. We are, therefore, a transforming school.